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Of all the towns in Maine, Blue Hill is truly one of the most beautiful. Bordered by the gorgeous sweeping Maine coast, Blue Hill is the perfect mix of residential town and tourist site. Enjoy a plethora of places to shop, eat, stay, and the many outdoor activities available in Blue Hill. Blue Hill is one of the best places to opt for a Maine vacation rental.

Culturally, Blue Hill is a rich and genuine little town. With over ten art galleries featuring local artists working with local subjects and materials, Blue Hill is a town that gives visitors an authentic look at what it means to be from Maine. Blue Maine also has several antique stores, craft stores, and small shopping centers. The local restaurants, which consist primarily of pubs and seafood hotspots, serve hearty Maine fare and showcase the local specialties. Life at Blue Hill revolves around the water, so much of the outdoor recreation involves swimming and boating. Several local companies offer cruises as well as boat and kayak rentals. And if you are in need of some intense rest and relaxation, the town day spa is a great place to be pampered and to indulge in luxurious treatments.

There are several lodging options in Blue Hill. Motels and Bed and Breakfast Inns are fantastic for visitors who want a quiet weekend or a few days out of the week to spend in the beautiful Blue Hill. Many of the local inns are equipped with all the modern conveniences but offer the rustic beauty one looks for when visiting Maine. Motels are a great option for those who are looking for less expensive lodging or who plan to spend much of their time in the great outdoors.

Because Blue Hill Maine is such a beautiful place to escape, many people choose to rent properties for both short and long term periods. Cottages, condos, and family size houses are offered by realty companies. Rental agencies in Blue Hill work to serve guests to the best of their ability and offer a wide variety of properties that range in size and price. Summer long rentals are especially popular. Whether you prefer to have an entire house to yourself, or you are looking for a co-residency to rent out with others, there is sure to be the perfect rental property for you in Blue Hill.

So when planning your Maine vacation, it is necessary to explore all your options in Blue Hill rentals. Come to Blue Hill for the culture, the food, and the beautiful scenery, but choose a rental that will make your stay in Blue Hill absolutely unforgettable.

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